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Data Protection In Jersey

Welcome to the Official website of the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner ("the Commissioner"), which contains information about the supervision and regulation of data protection within the Bailiwick of Jersey.

The Commissioner is an independent statutory authority and its mission is to promote respect for the private lives of individuals through ensuring privacy of their personal information by:-

  • implementing and ensuring compliance with the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005, and; influencing thinking on privacy and processing of personal information matters on a local and international basis. 
  • maintaining a Statutory Register of personal data users who are processing personal information in Jersey.

In addition, the Commissioner is responsible for providing advice and guidance to both Island businesses and individuals, and makes recommendations to the States of Jersey in response to international data protection legislative changes.

This Website has been designed to help businesses maintain compliance with the Law, by providing a useful point of reference and guidance, as well as assisting individuals who wish to find out more about the rights available to them under the Law, and the ways in which the Commissioner can help.

Should you have any difficulty in obtaining the information you require on this Website, the Commissioner and her team will of course be happy to discuss any data protection issues you may have with you in person. Our contact details can be located on this home page.

Emma Martins - Data Protection Commissioner

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About Us

This page provides some useful information about the Commissioner's Office and its staff.

Contact Us

Contact information for the Data Protection Comissioner.

General Information

This area of the website provides information such as Annual Reports, Consultation responses, Press Releases and details of other publications and statements made by the Commissioner.

How to Complain

This page shows you how to go about making a complaint to the Commissioner about a Data Controller, as well as detailing the process for making complaints about the Commissioner or her staff.


This page contains links to the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005 and all subordinate legislation, as well as a link to the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and the 1995 European Directive.


This page will keep website visitors up to date with the latest Data Protection news and developments in Jersey.

Online Notification

This new method of notification includes an on-line facility. The new system enables businesses to Notify the Commissioner, as required by Law, by completing pre-set templates on-line, relevant to the type of business you are in.

Search the Register

Searchable online Data Protection Register

Data Protection Tribunal

This page details the members of the Data Protection Tribunal


This area is still under construction but will provide useful information on data protection issues for children and parents.